Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Iraq Update 2014 #5: “The Time to Harvest is Coming” – ISIS Statement

Translation and summary by ISW Iraq Team

Takeaway: Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), called for Sunnis in Iraq not to drop their weapons even if Maliki tries to deescalate. ISIS expressed an interest in the death of Sahwa leader Ahmed Abu Risha and called for the Sahwas to repent. The speaker emphasized efforts to free ISIS captives from Iraqi prisons. On Syria, ISIS labeled opposition forces fighting ISIS as “Sahwas” and announced a chance for them to repent. Otherwise they will be targeted. ISIS declared members of I’tilaf, the National Council, the General Staff, and the Supreme Military Council in Syria as targets. The speaker called for ISIS members to kill them wherever they find them.

General Comparison:

Adnani compared the situation in Syria to Iraq, making the point that Jihad in Syria is undergoing the same hardships as the Jihad in Iraq. He stated that Jihad in Iraq has made great strides and that things are clearer. Syria remains in the beginning stages and things are rather messy.

On The US and the West:

“America and its allies won’t approve of an Islamic State and will do their best to prevent it. Therefore, the way to establishing one must be paved with skulls and blood.”

Adnani reminded the Muslim community (Ummah) of the original struggle,“the battle with the Jews and the crusaders. Whom we have to fight again directly. In order for us to do that, we need to overcome the two examples of state they propose. The first one is a civil democratic state in which people are dominated by tyrants. The second example is a national state with an Islamic title like the Kingdom of the Traitor of the Holy Sites [in reference to Saudi Arabia], in which Nusairiya [a derogatory term for Shi’a] and infidels are tolerated. For them, the first is more desired than the latter.”

On Shi’a and Sunnis in Iraq:

Adnani quoted Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi to build his case against the Shi’a. “Even though the US is dangerous, Rafidha [another derogatory term for Shi’a] are more dangerous on the Umma [the Islamic nation or Muslims around the world]. Rafidha are the most dangerous enemy that threatens Islam and Muslims. The Islamic State took it upon itself to fiercely fight Rafidha everywhere. We will completely destroy them even if it took the death of our last soldier. Our fight against them is a united fight in Iraq, Sham [Syria and Lebanon], Yemen, the rest of the peninsula, and Khurassan [Iran].

“What did the Sunnis in Iraq gain from participating with the Rafidha in the political process? They filled the prisons with Sunnis and built a Rafidha army. You have already seen their true face in Sham, and it is starting to show in Iraq. Soon you will see the Savadi [Iranian] planes and tanks bombarding your neighborhoods and storming your houses. You will see Rafidhi militias looting your money, killing your sons, and raping your women in the roads of Saida, Beirurt, Diyala, and Baghdad. We warned you from this. Rae’d does not lie to his people. Damascus and Aleppo are good examples.”

This statement references the concept of a “Rae’d.” Arabs in the past moved around the desert depending on the availability of natural resources. When resources became scarce in an area, they sent a “Rae’d” to find another area with resources. Due to the critical nature of the task, the selected person must be very well trusted. The phrase “Rae’d does not lie to his people” is an Arabic proverb, Adnani used it to lead to points he made later in the statement. He wanted to portray ISIS/AQI as the “Rae’d” for Sunnis.

On the Sit-in Sites and the current situation in Anbar:

You demonstrated for an entire year even though we told you that peace will not work with Rafidha. We swore to you that they will force you to carry arms, and Rae’d does not lie to his people. You picked up arms even though you insisted on peace and notwithstanding the misguiding Fatwas and calls directed to the sit-in sites.”

The fool, Nouri realized or will realize the grave repercussions he brought upon Rafidha and will work hard to deescalate. Never drop your weapons because if you do, the Rafidha will enslave you.”

On other areas:

“The Rafidha will want to preoccupy you in Anbar, Salah ad-Din and Ninewa so they can attack your brothers in Diyala, Tal Afar, Basra, and Baghdad.”

Adnani reiterated his previous statement regarding the return to areas the State withdrew from previously in addition taking more areas. Adnani named the areas this time to include Basra. He also had special emphasis on Fallujah; in a poem composed for Fallujah, Adnani said that “we will rule it with God’s law.”

On Sahwas:

“The remaining Sahwas were and still are the shield and tool of Rafidha and the crusaders. The plan of Rafidha today is to gather the Sahwas, police, and army to preoccupy the Sunnis in Anbar and Salah ad-Din to prevent them from marching to Baghdad. This way, the Rafidha will kill, imprison, and enslave the Sunnis in Baghdad. We therefore call for the Sahwas, Sunni politicians, police, and soldiers to repent and surrender their weapons and equipment to the Islamic State and we promise them safety. Otherwise, solders of the Islamic State are ordered to target them for death and chase them everywhere, in addition to destroying or burning their houses after evacuating their families.”

On Tribes:

“We call for all Sunni tribes to prevent their sons from being part of the army, the police, or Sahwas. And to disown those who insist. Targeting supporters of Rafidha is not targeting of the entire tribe. We call for the tribes to pledge allegiance for the Islamic State and to support its members. You will own the world if you do.”

On recruiting:

“The Islamic State in Iraq and Sham opens the door to induct any Muslim who desires Jihad, native and foreign. Especially those with skills and specifically the judges so they can serve in the courts of the Islamic State to bring back the rights and rule by God’s law. Necks and heads of the members of the State are the first to yield for the rulings of these courts.”

On Syria:

Adnani called for the Syrian people to deny any form of state that is not ruled by God’s law. He called for them to judge the Mujahideen by what they see instead of listening to the media. He added that Syria is witnessing the exact same “conspiracy scenario” witnessed in Iraq with the same names and supporters.

He made a call for rapprochement to those known as Jaysh al-Mujahideen and Jabhat Thuwar Syria or Syrian Revolutionaries Front and those who “supported or fought with them or overlooked them even from the factions who carry Islamic banners.” He asked “them who deceived them” and implicated them in “fighting the Mujahideen and killing the Muhajireen [foreign fighters] who left everything and came to Syria to defend and sacrifice.” He asked them “how they will stand before God after killing the Mujahideen.” He told them to “learn from those who stood against the Mujahideen in Iraq. They are either under the ground, enslaved by the Rafidha, or on the run. You stabbed us from the back while our positions were occupied by few guards. You should have warned us if you were brave, but this is the Sahwas’ way.”

“If you repent we promise you safety, otherwise, know that we have armies in Iraq and an army in Sham composed of hungry lions. Their drink is blood and their favorite companions are dismembered body parts. They never tasted a drink more delicious than the blood of the Sahwas.  We swear to God, we will bring a thousand then a thousand then another. None of you will remain and we will make you an example.”

For members of the battalions who desire to implement God’s Law: [Jihadis who are not members of ISIS]

“This is the battle of the Umma and you already know the conspiracy. Take a clear stance and attack the oppressor so the ship won’t sink.

Damn the factions, groups, and positions if they divide us and make us forget our brotherhood in faith. Damn it and damn us if we let the Umma down in its battle.”

For ISIS Soldiers:

  • You have planted for so long and the time to harvest is coming. Victory is in the horizon. Inflame it; protect the women, and relief the repressed.
  • The prisons, the prisons, the prisons, the prisons. Never save efforts in saving the captives.
  • Accept repents from the Sahwas. Then clean it up. And know that the State will award who takes the head of the traitor, Ahmed Abu Risha.
  • If you enter areas, pardon, forgive, and be gentle because the people do not know [the people are not on the right path and are not well informed].


  • Jihad taught us that crises turn to advantages and they make the Mujahid stronger and more resilient.
  • I swear that what you are witnessing are the Sahwas. We had no doubt that they would appear but we did not expect them to appear this fast. They surprised us. Never be gentle with them.
  • Attack the “Sahwas” hard and crush them hard and kill the conspiracy in its cradle.
  • Your State will come out of this war stronger and purer.
  • I’tilaf, the National Council, the General Staff, and the Supreme Military Council represent apostasy and Kufr [disbelief] who declared war on the State. Therefore, we regard their members as targets unless they publically denounce it. For the soldiers of ISIS, know that we have designated awards for those who take their heads and the heads of their leaders. Kill them wherever you find them.
  • We alert the Sheikhs of tribes and notables of cities, towns, and areas and all the factions and battalions not to host or protect them. We will not regard any promise of safety given to them. We will target them wherever we find them.
  • Also, accept the repentance of those who repent before you reach them.