Monday, September 2, 2013

Reconfiguration of Regime's Military Assets, Kfar Souseh Neighborhood, Damascus

The map below was posted online by activists in the local revolutionary coordinating committee for the Kfar Souseh neighborhood of Damascus. It purports to show the new locations of regime security forces in that neighborhood through 8/31/2013. The Syrian military forces have been redeploying military assets in the past few weeks in preparation for a possible U.S. strike, moving potential targets out of military complexes and into civilian buildings and covert locations.

Map of regime redeployment in Kfar Souseh, Damascus (see below for translation)

Three jeeps with around 40 shabiha (pro-regime militia) and military personnel have deployed in buildings along this line.
This is a checkpoint with SUV and 24-passenger parked at it, there is also some explosive detection equipment and a Doshka heavy machine gun on a vehicle nearby. They are stopping and inspecting pedestrians and cars.
Around ten military personnel in a garden. Two boxes of weapons entered into the location a few days earlier. Near map marker #120: on the fourth floor of the building there is a military general, some officers, and around 50 soldiers.
Near map marker #217 there are soldiers and officers
There is a checkpoint of two people
Sniper locations
Security forces are present in civilian clothing: around 200 of them at map marker #175, and around 150 of them at map marker #182.
Heavy security deployment at the buildings across from the Council of Ministers. There is a checkpoint with two BTR’s (Russian-made armored personnel carriers).
Location of Kfar Souseh